Cave Dripped

Cave Dripped

baptism by cave dripMy husband and I were walking through the majestic underground caverns in Carlsbad New Mexico, when I felt a drop. One drop, out of an infinite number, which over time formed the features of that stunning cave.

My husband was jealous! He didn’t receive the special “cave anointing.” A baptism by water of sorts. We laughed.

Baptism by water dripsThen we came to the “Rock of Ages,” one of the most notable columns in the cave. In days of old, rangers invited tourists to sing the old hymn by the same name at the base of the column, reminding themselves like the psalmist… “I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from?”[i]

It’s inconceivable how many drips it took to form such a tower of rock. And even more mind-boggling that mineralized water could form something so solid, so immovable, so massive!

Cave drips start a lengthy process of formation. When the cool water of baptism touches our foreheads, something also begins. Continue reading

No Sparrow Unnoticed

No Sparrow Unnoticed

I was in Budapest two weeks ago. Travel generally transports one into the drama and glories of ages past, but I had a moving spiritual experience that only God could’ve orchestrated. On the blue Danube River that separates “Buda” from “Pest” – two cities, now one – there is a memorial to the Jews who died in the very last days of World War II.

Danube ShoesIt is called, Shoes On The Danube Bank.


Raoul Wallenberg




In July 1944, Raoul Wallenberg, of Schindler’s List fame, came to Budapest as Secretary of the Swedish Foreign Ministry with a plan to save as many Jews as possible. He created thousands of Swedish identity documents for the Jews, protecting them from Nazi deportation. He is credited with ultimately saving as many as 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, the Nazi Party had handed over their power to Hungarian fascists known as the Arrow Cross party. Hungary had initially sided with Germany. On the night of January 8, 1945, Arrow Cross militia marched thousands of Jews to the Danube in Budapest to be shot. The shoes—left behind—brought reality to the human genocide. Though it took place 70 years ago—the terror felt palpable. The shoes, now bronze replicas, are a permanent memorial. Our guides said 600,000 Hungarian Jews were killed in the last five months of the war. The Soviet Red Army would liberate the city only a few weeks after the Danube slaughter.

Memorial Plaque ShoesAt the memorial, I closed my eyes. Intense compassion stirred me down to my toes. Even now as I write this, my eyes are filling with tears.

Where were you God?

To my surprise, a scene unfolded on the screen of my mind: I saw the mass of Jewish people, young and old, male and female, trudging toward the river. Fascist solders flanked them on each side. The people had to know what was about to happen.

But so did God.

Angels vastly outnumbered the soldiers on each side and followed along with the death march. As the people neared the river’s edge, angels passed through the militia as if the soldiers were ghosts.Continue reading