Fresh Words

Fresh Words

Last night I spent some time watching various news channels and came to realize how two vastly different realities were being presented. Not just angles or bias or spin, but diametrically opposed worldviews. Yet this is not really news, especially after such a slugfest campaign year.

hostile words turn violentStill it felt distressing—hateful words, violent outbursts, spreading strife, and misrepresenting facts. It creates angst…the way a child might feel when parents continually yell at each other without any resolution. Honest discourse and debate seem like a thing of the past.

My stomach churned.

So I took it to my Father. “God, I need to know what You think.” And in a matter of moments, He gave me three words.Continue reading



In my last post, I challenged you all to try a Listening Prayer Exercise. If you missed it, read no further until you check it out—click here.

Here is the teaching to help you unpack the images and symbolism:

This Listening Prayer exercise is about discovering identity – or who God made you to be.  

If you are giving this to others, don’t initially tell them what it’s about, as it may skew their results. It’s hard enough to hear God without overthinking things ourselves. After completing the questions on the first page, unpack the meanings. If you are doing this with others, break up into small groups of 3 or 4 people. Use biblical symbolism as it pertains to colors, numbers, and symbolic images that are used in dream interpretation. In general, I explain the different categories as follows…Continue reading

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

I started composing this post while half asleep this morning. You know, that lucid state where your mind is active, but you’re not yet awake?

A random image formed in my mind’s eye. I believe it came from God. I pictured a man’s spirit floating like a vapor, contained by his body. His spirit actually looked compressed—as if created to be much larger than his human body.

hands holding the sun at dawnOur physical bodies serve as temporary housing for our spirits. That much is obvious. But what captivated me was this: while we’re here on earth, God wants us to develop a large spirit, full to the brim, and even overflowing. Yet many have an emaciated spirit, locked away, and kept on a limited diet.

The Bible talks a lot about humans having a soul, a spirit, and a body. These terms are commonplace throughout Scripture. Hebrews 4:12 distinguishes our souls as something different from our spirits, though some use these terms interchangeably.

John Paul Jackson teaches that the soul is our mind, our will, and our emotions. Our spirit, on the other hand, is where wisdom, conscience, and communion with God are found. And of course, our body is our body.  Without going into any complex theology, I do believe two important things:

Depressed woman on a benchFirst, that the soul needs “saving” and healing. A sin-sick soul displays what we are without God.

And second, that we experience God mostly through our spirits. God is Spirit and communes with us through our spirits.

Why are these two points important? Because, to the extent that our souls are damaged and our spirits remain undeveloped, we don’t have very good “receivers” in terms of hearing God.Continue reading