Table of Contents

Closer Than Your Skin

Unwrapping the Mystery of Intimacy with God

Why I wrote this book

Chapter 1:
Following Alice – Contact with God is possible

Chapter 2:
Basic Trust – The father thing matters

Chapter 3:
Points of Contact – When heaven meets earth

Chapter 4:
Love Came Down – God doesn’t want to date forever

Chapter 5:
Got Religion? – The obstacle of religiosity

Chapter 6:
Never Good Enough – The trap of condemnation

Chapter 7:
Exposing Martha – A lifestyle of overdoing

Chapter 8:
Ambushed by Life – The insolent conundrum of pain

Chapter 9:
Inklings – Listening for God

Chapter 10:
Puzzles – God speaks in metaphors and mysteries

Chapter 11: – A door called gratitude

Chapter 12:
Unwinding – Off the treadmill and into the adventure

Chapter 13:
Thoughts on Destiny – Made for a purpose

Chapter 14:
Anchored – God as the third party in marriage

Chapter 15:
Repairing Desolations – God is all about forgiveness

Chapter 16:
No Stones or Snakes – Parenting with God

Chapter 17:
Steadfast Love – Still parenting with God

Chapter 18:
Three Hammers – Some thoughts on prayer

Chapter 19:
A Balding Man in Plaid – Hearing God’s voice for others

Chapter 20:
Psychic Christians? – A word on presumption

Chapter 21:
Beloved – You’re God’s favorite, and so am I

Wonders never cease

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