Endorsements and Reviews

“Some books argue that God exists. This book gives us His address. Some books tell us about Him, this book shows us what He looks like. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to the Christian life, Susan Hill doesn’t just assure us that there is, she hands us a roadmap, and show us how to get there.”

 –Phil Callaway is a popular speaker and the best-selling author of 24 books including Laughing Matters, Who Put My Life On Fast Forward? I Used to Have Answers…Now I Have Kids, Making Life Rich Without Any Money, and Family Squeeze

“Over the last sixty years I have read numerous works on Christian spirituality. But I must say that Susan Hill has made the best case I’ve ever read for intimacy with God. In this she is biblically sound, psychologically real and personally honest. I’ve never heard any theologian or Bible teacher portray the true intimacy with God as Jesus promises in the relation of the branch and the vine (John 15:1-9) as powerfully as Susan does. I think this is the book that millions of Christians have been waiting for.

–James W. Tharp, founder and president of Christian Renewal Ministries and author of Revival Must Come!, The Spirit of Prayer, Estelle (the true story of the Arkansas revival)

“Warning: Susan Hill has written a deceptive book. It looks like another woman-with-a-fragile-marriage-struggles-in-her-relationship-with-God book. I planned to skim, but I made a mistake: I paused to read a few pages. She hooked me to read the entire book. Her life and spiritual experiences become compellingly honest and transparent.”

-Cecil Murphey, co-author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, Heaven is Real, Think Big  (Dr. Ben Carson’s story) and author of Rebel With a Cause (Franklin Graham’s story), and over 100 other books

“Susan’s book will lead the reader on an interesting journey of discovery and clarification. She is right about life with God being adventurous and breath-taking. Writing with a vulnerability that allows the light of God’s grace to shine through real life situations, she presents God’s way as both beneficial and desirable. Susan led me through her ideas with anticipation. I believe it will help a lot of people clarify the real issue of living with God. I read it for interest and edification and I was not disappointed.”

-Dudley Hall, founder and president of Successful Christian Living Ministries, author of Grace Works, and 10 other books

“Susan has a message people need to hear.”

-Joanna Weaver, best-selling author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Having a Mary Spirit, Lazarus Awakening, and At the Feet of Jesus DevotionalHer books have sold over a million copies

“There’s something so liberating about what Susan Hill is writing. I’m not sure if there was a chapter read where my heart wasn’t stirred and I wasn’t almost brought to tears. As a Christian, my journey with God often seems more like working for a demanding employer than walking hand in hand with my first love. Susan Hill’s book was a refreshing reminder that it is the latter and not the former that the Lord desires of me. Her stories take you to the feet of the Father of Love to encounter His incredible kindness for yourself. I hope as you read this book you too can discover why the ‘nearness of God is (our) good.’ (Psalm 73:28) I think this is a phenomenally important book for our generation.”

-Jimmy Needham, recording artist, Inpop Records, Albums: Nightlights, Not Without Love, Speak, and Clear The Stage

“People are crying out today for REAL. Closer Than Your Skin goes to the heart and does not let go. It captured me immediately: hook, line and the entire fishing pole. Susan writes with such a light touch, it feels real, and not preachy. Her book feels like an opening without bashing anyone’s doors down, written from a woman’s wisdom and sensitivity. My wife said, ‘This book is a killer; this is my kind of book.’”

-Jim Rubart, best-selling author, speaker, and leader in men’s ministries, Woodinville, Washington. His books include: Rooms, The Chair, and Book of Days

“How absolutely exhilarating! What I find particularly touching about Closer Than Your Skin is the author’s personal, gentle voice. The reader is honored with trust when Susan reveals tender moments, like the orange story, and I think that creates an instant bond with the reader. A new audience will cherish her images. I poured over this book, drinking in every word and I can’t tell you how filled with love I was after reading it. Incredibly healing…full of understanding and insight…like the author knew exactly what I was missing and exactly what I needed.”

–Patti Sharpe, freelance illustrator, Columbus, Ohio

“Susan’s voice is calm, clear and contemplative, supporting her claim that God communicates with us in intensely personal ways. Such an orderly braid, not constrained or compelled.”

-Linda Carson, author, Glendive, Montana

“It is wonderful — I cannot imagine that, in some way, it would not speak to anyone who picks it up.  It is very engaging because it is from Susan’s heart and also speaks to the heart of God.  Thank you, Susan, for putting pen to paper; the Holy Spirit flows!”

-Ann Young, Jackson, Mississippi

“Absolutely GOOD. Take it to the limit. I want to jump up and shout: “Hallelujah!” This book is what people need to realize!  The title – Closer Than Your Skin —that’s first class.”

-Nicole Petrino-Salter, Novelist, Hope Of Glory and The Famous One, Auburn, Washington

“I see sunflowers swaying, golden hair blowing, tears dried on your cheeks, Susan. This author is a treasure untold in her leadership, personal transparency, modesty, courage and love. Write on!”

-Robin Owen, Christian Counselor, Family Practice Associates and Bible Study Fellowship Leader, Bozeman, Montana

“Chapter 8, “Ambushed by Life” struck a cord. The title choked me up. Even though my circumstances were different, the underlying pain described in the book was the same. I needed to forgive those who had hurt me so deeply, but without any conditions.  I had also been questioning God–why would he allow this pain to penetrate my family. I came to the realization that I needed to forgive God as well. I see now that God wants to share my burden. The words in Closer Than Your Skin enabled me to have this “sneeze” moment.”

-Milne Macy, Central Oregon

“Packing Susan Hill’s manuscript in the bottom of my duffel bag, I was ready to go elk hunting. My wife had just finished reading it, and I could tell how much it had touched her. I decided that I should read this book. After one week of hunting, I had one day left to stay in camp and read. So Friday, after breakfast, I began to read Closer Than Your Skin, and spent most of the day reading about how God speaks today. We had been hunting six days on foot and horse back, miles from camp with no luck and this was our last day. But late that afternoon, with the nourishment of this book fresh on my mind, I headed out from camp to find a small lake not far from the tent and I believe the Lord placed a small bull elk in my path. What a blessing the Lord gave me that day!”

-Richard Macy, Culver Oregon