Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

“Don’t you think it’s damaging? My husband asked.

“What do you mean?” I looked up from my work.

“The Cinderella myth, promising the happily-ever-after.”

“Yes, probably.” I gazed across the room, pondering the thought. “But for me,” I replied, “Jesus is the real prince charming—the only One who can fulfill that desire.”

People say Disney Classics are dark—maybe  too dark for little kids…the wicked step-mother in Cinderella, the jealous queen in Snow White, the evil fairy Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, the sea witch in The Little Mermaid. Perhaps the daunting takeaway isn’t the reality of opposition, but the false promise of happily ever after.

Beauty and The Beast probably offers the most realistic version of love. Most of us are held captive, carrying wounds that make us beastly. All of us need someone to love us despite our limitations. And it takes courage to love the otherness of the other. Perseverance in love can bring transformation.

But we need God in order to bring our best selves to the challenge of relationship. And not just through prayer, or biblical principles.

We need to feel His love.

Years ago, genius songwriter Bob Dylan wrote a song called “Make You Feel My Love.” The first time I heard it, I immediately felt Jesus singing the words to me—deep into my spirit. Hope you enjoy this song and accompanying slide show…

(Listen here. Wait for ad to finish, and then return here to see the pictures and lyrics below when the music starts) 

“Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan, performed by Garth Brooks…

When the rain is blowin’ in your face…And the whole world is on your case… 

Man on stormy beachJesus Hug

Jesus Hug

I would offer you a warm embrace… To make you feel my love.

Prodigal Son

When evening shadows and the stars appear…and there is no one to dry your tears

evening tree

I could hold you for a million make you feel my love.

Father blessing at Burning Man

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet…but I would never do you wrong

Lonely Girl

I’ve known it from the moment that we met…there’s no doubt in my mind where you belong.

A father's love

I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue…I’d go crawlin’ down the avenue

Jesus carrying cross

There ain’t nothin’ that I wouldn’t do…To make you feel my love.

Christ on the Cross 2760

Storms are raging on a rollin’ sea…down the highway of regret…

Boardwalk to stormy waters

Winds of change are blowing wild and free…but you ain’t seen nothin’ like me yet.

Eye with Cross

There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do…go to the ends of the earth for you

Hand of God in sky photo

Make you happy, make your dreams come true

Joyful Girl

To make you feel my love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

an illuminated glass slipper in Black and White

Who is can make those promises to us? No earthly person.

If there is any spiritual value in a story like Cinderella, it’s that she still has one glass slipper after the royal ball. Her beautiful gown returns to rags, and her glorious coach is a smashed pumpkin. She doesn’t know yet that she’s made for royalty, but the remaining shoe proves to be the key to her future.

And symbolically, the glass slipper is like God saying—

“Whatever your circumstance, however hard and painful and lonely and desperate—remember who you are. You are Mine.”


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  1. oh susan

    you are hitting your stride here. do NOT stop!
    lovey dovey has tons for you to do……it’s what this world needs NOW. and as quickly as possible.
    the adorer of our hearts and our humanity knows it and praise to him that you are willing to share what and when he asks you to.

    suzee B

    • Thanks Suzee…so many people I meet do not FEEL God’s love. They are clouded with questions about the goodness of His heart in a world where bad things happen. The hard part is remembering it’s not about this world and relationship with God and others matter most. But you can’t get close to someone or Someone you don’t trust. I you know His heart and feel His great love (the cross being the greatest proof) you will stand on solid ground in your earthly life and know that in the end, God has worked all things together for good for those who love Him.