God’s Poem

God’s Poem

This is a true account of a sign and wonder.

In 1994, Jenny and I met to pray with a very troubled woman. Our youngest sons were toddlers at the time, and that day, there seemed to be a lot of commotion–fighting over toys, crocodile tears, and the tromping sound of unhappy feet. Every time we sat down to pray, some new difficulty would arise.

Jenny recognized it as spiritual warfare. Though the term has become cliché, if you’ve ever been on assignment for God you know that’s usually when the dog runs off, the milk spills, or the car won’t start. Firebrands. That’s what I call them. Sent by the enemy stir up trouble.

So what did we do? We sang a song and worshipped God together. Remember that if you’re ever in a time of distress, if you’re scared in the dark or feeling hopeless. It’s a powerful countermove.

Right after we sang, Jenny sensed that the Lord was about to give her a prophetic word. She often compared it to the feeling you have right before you sneeze. You know something is coming.

Jenny would basically “see” or “hear” in her mind—a phrase. When she spoke it out loud, another phrase would form, and she’d continue until the words stopped coming. That day the words came in such a downpour, I barely had time to take notes. Fortunately, I had my laptop. I can type much faster than I write.

Because it came rapidly, I typed her words in one continuous sentence. Later, when I made spelling corrections and added punctuation, I realized the phrases formed a rhyming poem.

Now one might argue that people can make up anything in their heads and call it a “word from God.” To be sure, that has happened. (e.g. David Koresh) But the true gift of the Holy Spirit will have certain elements that make it stand out as something beyond human capabilities.

Prophecy often contains “a word of knowledge” which is something the person giving the word would not humanly know. (Last week’s post–e.g. “Raoul”). It will also line up with the written Word, as God will not contradict Himself. That is our foundation.

But the prophecy that came after our worship song that day was unique because it rhymed. Most songs are rhymes. Was God was singing back to us? It happened so fast. Jenny could not have made it up on the spot. Here it is. See for yourself. I know I was deeply moved.

Time and pain are nothing to the Lord Who made the wind

I can heal the wounds of many, stop their suffering from within

Burdens, though they’re many…fall quietly at My side

I, the Lord of Hosts, am healing, but first must go the pride

Then will follow sorrow, pain, and anger as well,

And when I, the Lord, am finished there will be no fear of hell

I’m longing for My people…to come to Me and say,

‘What is it Lord…is it I who is standing in the way?’

For what a mighty work, am I unleashed to do,

When My people will look inward, willing to be humble and true

The power set free in heaven, would fill your eyes and ears

Would heal the wounds of nations…destroy all your fears

Come back to Me, My people…humble yourselves and pray

I’ll heal you from within…beginning now this day.”

 Isaiah 51:16 “I have put My words in your mouth and have covered you with the shadow of My hand, to establish the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’”


  1. the word firebrand jumped out at me. why? the eyes of my heart know.
    “agitator, rabble-rouser, incendiary, subversive, troublemaker”
    it describes the enemy in much too pales terms here, but still gets the point across.
    FIREBRAND sounds more destructive and even painful. i have been encountering the destroyer in recent battles as FIREBRAND. i better start singing . . . that’s good advice in this blog! thanks susan.

    • Suzee…you are so faithful to comment and I love your thoughts! Yes, even singing “Jesus Loves Me,” can dispel the darkness. Sometimes I just put on a worship CD and soak for a while. In fact, lately I think I need to do just that! Thinking of you…