Life Rings

Life Rings

She firmly held a flaming torch. I could not see her face. Her head was hidden in a low cloud cover. But she had lowered her arm so the light would still shine.

Statue of LibertyI saw this image of the Statue of Liberty during a prayer time. A small group of my friends had gathered to ask God for encouragement, instruction or discernment. We spent time listening for single words, phrases, a symbolic picture, an impression, a Scripture brought to remembrance…there are many ways that God speaks.

Seeing the iconic effigy of freedom that way was curious. I pondered it for a while. Her head could symbolize our human minds—even our best thinking can get clouded. But her torch, the divine spark of freedom and equality, had not gone out though our country is experiencing difficult times.

BonoBono of U2 admonished students at Georgetown University to keep faith with the idea of America…“One of the greatest ideas of human history, right up there with the Renaissance. Right up there with crop rotation or the Beatles’ White Album.” He wasn’t really joking. He spoke reverently about the idea of equality, justice, the pursuit of happiness, and dignity. USA Constitution Parchment“This country,” he said, “was the first to claw its way out of darkness and put that on paper.” And I believe it was a God-given idea.

There is no other explanation.

So why would God show me an altered image of the Statue of Liberty compared to its present victorious stance on Ellis Island? Continue reading

Offensive Arms

Offensive Arms

I’m going to tell a funny story on myself.

As a child, my concept of worship was limited. At church we sang different hymns each week so I didn’t really learn the melodies, with a few exceptions. Not that hymns aren’t beautiful. I just sang them in the same way I said the pledge of allegiance before school each morning. It was just something we did.

"that guy"

“that guy”

Back in the early 80s, my husband and I attended a wonderful church. The congregation was warm and friendly…the pastor, an excellent teacher. But during worship, one guy would predictably lift up his arms in praise. It really bothered me. I felt tense inside.

I thought…this is embarrassing! Why is he drawing attention to himself? Worship should be about God!

Portrait upset worried old woman isolated on white backgroundThen one Sunday, my husband and I invited his mother to join us at the first service. I was pretty sure that guy attended the second service. I glanced around the sanctuary. To my relief, he wasn’t there. Closing my eyes, I sang the first song from my heart. But as the second song started, I opened my eyes to see that guy inching his way past others to sit directly in front of us.

Up went his hands!

My face became hot. I could feel my mother-in-law’s uneasiness. She purposely didn’t look at him. His body and arms kept us from seeing the lyrics on the screen. My lips formed a tight line. I was too annoyed to join in the worship.Continue reading

The Celebrity Lie

The Celebrity Lie

Brian WilliamsThis week, the media shredded NBC News Anchor Brian Williams for telling tall tales. His embellishments and fabrications may have fatality tarnished his credibility.

Host Anderson Cooper said Williams’ tales, which included seeing a body float by his hotel and facing roving gangs during Hurricane Katrina, don’t sound like simple misremberings because every one of them make Williams sound brave and bolstered his standing.

Bernard Goldberg said there are only two possible reasons for Williams’ stories. “One is that he’s delusional. I mean…mental illness. And the other is that he just flat-out lies a lot. If he simply lies a lot, it’s because that’s what celebrities do all the time. They go on TV shows, and they make up stories, because in the United States of entertainment…being uninteresting is the greatest sin you could commit,” he said.

wild adventure

wild adventure

You’ve heard the news, perhaps ad nauseam. My point in writing about this sad demise of an otherwise nice man is to point out something humanly deep that lurks in all of us. Continue reading