Returning to Design

Returning to Design

It was as if a ten-year-old had slipped into the classroom. She sounded joyful, but had to pause. Deep breaths, long exhales…and then tears.

Giant Wave curl“You love the sea. You love finding things on the beach, the smell of oil on tugboats, the wheelhouse, watching your Dad work, navigating. You love everything about boats—the engines, hull, decks, galley, cabins, crew, & more.

“You love sailboats. You love going on trips on the sea. The sea is in your blood.”

Her voice was childlike, but also insistent.

Joyful Girl“Remember when you used to play 4-square, baseball, basketball, imaginary games, space adventures, games in the field, fish, build forts, talk about God with friends, sit in the trees, search for pretty rocks?”

She spoke as if she knew her very well. Continue reading



In my last post, I challenged you all to try a Listening Prayer Exercise. If you missed it, read no further until you check it out—click here.

Here is the teaching to help you unpack the images and symbolism:

This Listening Prayer exercise is about discovering identity – or who God made you to be.  

If you are giving this to others, don’t initially tell them what it’s about, as it may skew their results. It’s hard enough to hear God without overthinking things ourselves. After completing the questions on the first page, unpack the meanings. If you are doing this with others, break up into small groups of 3 or 4 people. Use biblical symbolism as it pertains to colors, numbers, and symbolic images that are used in dream interpretation. In general, I explain the different categories as follows…Continue reading

Undaunted Pursuit

Undaunted Pursuit

Man points to an empty space..My son wanted to learn how to crochet. He and his college roommate sat in their dorm room one night watching YouTube tutorials with their yarn and crochet hooks laid out. Some guys dropped by. Their eyes widened. “Hey, ah…what exactly are you girls up to?”

Did they care? No! They were determined to make beanie hats.

Handsome hipster wearing a beanie hatI love it when people are undaunted by the fear of man. My son and his roommate saw something they want to learn and pursued it with passion.

Crocheting involves practice. Like most things, there’s a learning curve. Honing a new skill requires many attempts to get it right, and this craft is no exception.

But in the end, our whole family received new beanies for Christmas!

What about learning to hear God’s voice? I don’t think there are any YouTube tutorials on it…no apps. Yet we have a far better Teacher. Still, we need to position ourselves to hear. Like a sailboat—what good is it if we don’t put up the sail?

Don’t miss the listening prayer opportunity at the end of this blog.Continue reading