Arrested Development

Arrested Development

I started composing this post while half asleep this morning. You know, that lucid state where your mind is active, but you’re not yet awake?

A random image formed in my mind’s eye. I believe it came from God. I pictured a man’s spirit floating like a vapor, contained by his body. His spirit actually looked compressed—as if created to be much larger than his human body.

hands holding the sun at dawnOur physical bodies serve as temporary housing for our spirits. That much is obvious. But what captivated me was this: while we’re here on earth, God wants us to develop a large spirit, full to the brim, and even overflowing. Yet many have an emaciated spirit, locked away, and kept on a limited diet.

The Bible talks a lot about humans having a soul, a spirit, and a body. These terms are commonplace throughout Scripture. Hebrews 4:12 distinguishes our souls as something different from our spirits, though some use these terms interchangeably.

John Paul Jackson teaches that the soul is our mind, our will, and our emotions. Our spirit, on the other hand, is where wisdom, conscience, and communion with God are found. And of course, our body is our body.  Without going into any complex theology, I do believe two important things:

Depressed woman on a benchFirst, that the soul needs “saving” and healing. A sin-sick soul displays what we are without God.

And second, that we experience God mostly through our spirits. God is Spirit and communes with us through our spirits.

Why are these two points important? Because, to the extent that our souls are damaged and our spirits remain undeveloped, we don’t have very good “receivers” in terms of hearing God.Continue reading

Two Conversations

Two Conversations

“Her thoughts at the meeting today were critical!” he texted.

What’s that supposed to mean? Were her words were extremely important, or shockingly negative?

Mutter im Konflikt mit Tochter - Pubertt - StreitEveryone knows how a text message or an email can be misunderstood because we miss the tone in someone’s voice. The same set of words can be said with appreciation or hostility. Tone is vitally important, because as author Don Miller said, there are always two conversations going on—the one with words, and the one that reveals feelings. The latter makes all the difference.

How can we better understand the tone of God’s voice if all we have is the Bible? Continue reading

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Did you know that Julius Caesar’s wife had a dream that foretold her husband’s tragic death? In 312 AD, Constantine dreamed about Jesus dying on the cross and as a result, provided protection for Christians through the Edict of Milan. Einstein’s theory of relativity came from a dream, and Handel composed Messiah after he heard it in a dream. Fantastic? Yes!

Author and speaker, John Paul Jackson, has taught a lot on the subject of dreaming with God. He notes that we will spend a third of our lives sleeping, and by the time we are 70 years old, at least six years of that time will be in dreamland.Continue reading